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Women’s marches push power of the vote


Women’s marches push power of the vote

Hundreds of thousands of marchers flooded streets across the country Saturday to criticize President Trump, vowing to protect women’s rights, the environment and American ideals of free speech, religious freedom and tolerance.

From Boston to Denver to Reno, and at the nation’s capital where Congress struggled to restart the federal government, marchers waved signs and chanted “This is what democracy looks like!” The marches, held in hundreds of cities and towns across the country, came a year after the inaugural Women’s March and Trump’s swearing in.

Wearing the now-familiar pink pussy hats — which this year were available in a rainbow of colors to be more inclusive to all races — women and their families promised to use their votes to shift the course of American government during the mid-term elections this year.

In Denver, Betsy Kidnay, 56, carried a sign declaring that “women are the wall” as she marched with friends.

“Hopefully, we are going to stop Trump,” said Kidnay, of Wheat Ridge, Colo. “His disregard for women is what’s going to sweep Republicans out of power.”

Trump ignored the marchers’ criticism, and in a Tweet cast their rallies as victory marches to mark a booming economy and declining unemployment among women. His Twitter comment drew eye rolls from marchers.

Marchers took to the streets in Oklahoma City; Logan, Utah; Asheville, N.C.; Chicago; Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles; and Houston, as well as in Beijing; Buenos Aires; Nairobi; and Rome, under the banner of the #WeekendofWomen on social media. Other large events were planned for Sunday.

In Washington, D.C., the rally began at the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial in brisk, 50-degree weather under clear skies.

Marchers turned up with a forest of creative signs, ranging from the humorous to the vulgar. One said simply: “Grab Him by the Mid-terms.” Others expressed support for health care, immigration and reproductive rights.

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